Domestic black tabby

Meet Monkey

Monkey is definitely a mamas boy. He has acute separation anxiety so he doesn’t like being alone. If his mama is sad he immediately notices and runs to her, and smushes his sweet face all on her until she is no longer upset. He comes to people when they say his name and is very polite. Monkey is very energetic and loves his play toys. He knows when it’s bedtime and has to fall asleep curled in his mamas right arm. A Sassy Southern Gentleman who enjoys his belly scratched more than anything.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 years old
  • Nicknames Chunky monkey, monkey buns, smooshy man, chunkers
  • Dislikes Being ignored, Not being in the same room as mom, yelling at mom in the bath because he can’t see her, off brand cat food.
  • Foods Friskies, steals muncho brand chips on occasion
  • Pastimes Belly scratches, running everywhere, and playing with his stuffed avocado toy sprayed with catnip.
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Kind, friendly and v good personality.
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