Ameican Shorthair

Meet Moonflash

I call moony my little myth buster. Why you ask? For one he is Currently 17 years old now, an Outdoor/Indoor cat. Second, he knows many tricks. He will shake, High-five, Beg, Sit, Lay down and stay whenever I ask him too! Whoever said outdoor cats only live to be 3-5 years old, Cats can NOT be trained, and You can\'t teach an Old dog new tricks (Figuratively speaking) clearly Never meant my Precious Moony! :) P.S. Check out his girls Anica and Spifficana as well.

Facts About Me
  • Age 13 years (Now 17)
  • Nicknames Moony
  • Dislikes He is too tolerent to have dislikes
  • Foods Anything enticing
  • Pastimes Just hanging out, Laying in peoples lap, Hugging you whenever yo bend down, Touching Noses ect...
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