Domestic Shorthair - Tuxedo

Meet Morrissey

My name is Steven Patrick Morrissey. I'm named after my idol -Morrissey, of The Smiths - and love musing about love lost and the life that I am forced to live. I thrive on my existential being and have a knack for losing the things that I love most (my catnip mice, RIP). Every morning I wake up and put on my gloves and suit and get ready to start the neverending day and wait till my servatns get home so I can chase their toes. Pick me. Or don't. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Moz, Mozzer, Mozzy
  • Dislikes Happiness, Pop Music, Youth, Love, Aspirations, Spray bottles, Brexits, British folk.
  • Foods Occasional bite of an egg, Wellness Chicken Pate, Pepperoni (when I can steal it), Feeline Greenies (Tuna is most definitely the best).
  • Pastimes Scratching the couch (mother forbid it though), Chasing toes, Reading Sartre, Listening to my favorite composer Beethoven.
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