Mr Bojangles


Meet Mr Bojangles

Mr boJangles is full of curiosity, love, feisty,and silliness. Mr boJangles loves to nibble only his mommies toes every morning. Loves his special tuna meals on certain days. He's a joy to be boJangles has the most distinct an perfect color markings very symmetrical. I believe that he belongs in a magazine or on a calendar. . His mommy is a model an Mr Bo has the talent too. Bo is so loving an mean at the same time. Still in the kitten playfully biting stage. Our love is great.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 months
  • Nicknames bobo. bobo the clown, beau,
  • Dislikes left alone. teasing.shih tzus .baths.
  • Foods Everything. tuna. licks of fruit Popsicles. licks lolly pop's, his temptations. shrimp n fish wet meals. cheese.
  • Pastimes sleeping. biting toes especially his mommies eating treats an tuna meals.
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