Orange tabby

Meet Mynx

Mynx is a beautiful orange tabby. He is a very big boy,but at the same time he's very proud of his obesity. Mynx unforunately lost his manhood at the very young age of 1,which is when he started to become obese.Mynx has a very feminine meow, and always has had. If you didn't know better, from a mile away if you heard him, you would think he was a female cat! Mynx very much resembles Puss-n-boots, except he has charming golden eyes. Mynxs father abandoned him at birth, but he can be se

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Señor Mynx
  • Dislikes Being told no,being put under the blanket, getting his cat-nip taken away, and having his t-shirt on when trying to clean himself.
  • Foods Mynx prefers dry food, but when eating wet, he prefers Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers. His favorite flavor is white meat chicken & flaked tuna in a delicate broth.Mynx also enjoys eating taco kitty (taco bell).He definately enjoys his mexican food.
  • Pastimes Recreational cat-nip use, scratching the couch, tinkling on the dirty towels, and chasing after his madre.
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