Orange Tabby

Meet Nugget

Nugget was bottlefed by me and my boyfriend because he came from a terrible irresponsible home who separated him from his mother too soon. He was 4 weeks old, and I woke up every 3-4 hours to feed him. I sometimes worried he wouldn’t make it when we first brought him home. Now?! He’s the healthiest, silliest and sweetest cat- who even enjoys being held like a baby, showered in kisses! Besides his humans, his best friend is a blue stuffed monkey.

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 months
  • Nicknames Nuggie, Frampton, Mummy’s Boy, Baby Yoda, La Fontaine, Nibbles, Frampie.
  • Dislikes Vacuum cleaners, wet food like pate that doesn’t have gravy, being left alone for longer than a few hours, Noisy hair dryers.
  • Foods Organic Freeze dried minnows or anchovies, Lil’ Soups brand food, kitten chow, crunchy treats, delectable stews, lick ups (cat yogurt tube) and meat sticks.
  • Pastimes Playing with bubbles, drinking from the sink, catnip, wrestling his blue monkey, sleeping in his moms arms, roughhousing with dad, biting but never scratching, and playing cat games on his iPad.
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