Orange tabby

Meet Oliver

This is Oliver! He is my eldest cat, turns 3 on April 20. He is so soft and fluffy! He loves to cuddle with everyone and anyone. He just has to look at someone for him to comence to purr very loudly and uncontrollably (it's adorable). He loves his little brother Milo, we know because he will call his call in the middle of the night... but he really loves anything outdoors, hence him by the window.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames olipop, Oli-vers, gingersnap, little guy, fluffball
  • Dislikes belly rubs, too much love, water
  • Foods any wet food, beef/chicken flavours preferred over fish, tuna juice, smartfood popcorn (rare occasions)
  • Pastimes sleeping, purring for no reason, crying for attention, bumping his head on things
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