Persian Cat (doll face)

Meet Ozzy

I'm a cool, happy cat that lets my mom dress me up without giving her a hard time. I love to jump on everything just to make sure the coast is clear and I love watching cartoons and napping. Im a picky eater that hates seafood im more of a turkey & chicken kind of cat dude. I love greeting my mom at the door as she comes hm with kisses and purrs. I'm a gd boy and I don't play or destroy the house I just poop the bed when I'm realllllly really scared ♥ I love life and nap through most of it.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames Papas, Papotes, Papa and Oz.
  • Dislikes baths, seafood, nail clipping, ear cleaning and loud noises.
  • Foods halo chicken hard food and temptation chicken treats and low sodium deli chicken and turkey slices.
  • Pastimes playing and following strings and bubbles ooooh I love bubbles.
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