Peanut Butter and Agnes (Aggy)

Meet Peanut Butter and Agnes (Aggy)

This is Peanut Butter and Aggy    Aggy is blind in one eye do to infection from when she was a kitten. These two love each other very much they love to cuddle with each other and their mommy. Peanut Butter is Aggy's big brother and guardian he watches over her. He is a healthy boy and hyper but Aggy don't let her disablity hinder her one bit she is just as playful and rambunctious as PB  

Facts About Me
  • Age PB almost 2 and Aggy 10 months
  • Nicknames PB Pea, little poofer, buddy buddy (aggy little miss sugar booger)
  • Dislikes PB(the vaccuum and garbage truck ) Aggy ( her cousin cat Glitterbear and her aunt coming over for a visit
  • Foods tuna and chicken
  • Pastimes napping and watching movies
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