Meet Phoebe

Phoebe, the super sweet, Grandma of the family. She will be 18 on May 30th. She loves to Mama all her younger cat family. Phoebe was a rescue kitten in 2002. She also went missing in 2005 for 48 days underground. Everyone was sure she was gone, but she strode up our driveway just in time to get medical attention. The veterinarian said she only had a 10% living. Phoebe came back better than ever! She’s is living her best life.

Facts About Me
  • Age 17
  • Nicknames Phoebes
  • Dislikes The dogs, thunderstorms, the car rides, the vet
  • Foods Chicken
  • Pastimes Laying in sunshine, sleeping, being held
Cat Like Me
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gray, black, white, love\'s tummy rub\'s
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