Meet Pouncer

Pouncer is my pride & joy he's my star, he has such a unique personality, love's kids,love's to play. I rescured him from a homeless cat who had her litter in my backyard, she had six kittens I got the cat & started to grab her kittens to put them to the pound pouncer was the last kitten I picked up. When I grabbed him he ran by my face & started rubbing his little head against my face & I fell inlove at that moment!!!!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 years old
  • Nicknames fat boy he was so chunky when he was a kitten
  • Dislikes hates getting his flea med. every month, hates water being splashed on him, & hates other cats in his yard
  • Foods bacon, chicken, some thanksgiving turkey
  • Pastimes pouncer is just like one of my kids if we go spend the day at the park with the kids he's in the car before I am, cuddling with him watching a movie
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