Meet Rafiki

This is my cat, Rafiki. He is 4 years old and is starting to get very faint brown patches on his back, when he was a kitten I could not see a single patch of gray on him, but look how that has changed! I love how he has kept his blue eyes. We had his mother, Gizmo, since she was a kitten, so he was born into the family, Rafiki reminds me of her so much! Rafiki is like a son to me and we are very close. This cat is my life!

Facts About Me
  • Age 4 years
  • Nicknames Freaky Cat
  • Dislikes Trips (to the vet, moving)
  • Foods Meow mix dry food mixed with Friskies wet food
  • Pastimes Hiding downstairs as a kitten, waiting for someone to pass by so he can sneak up on him/her and claw at his/her leg
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