American Longhair

Meet Roadie

Roadie does not scratch, she clings to you! If you\'re holding her, she will use her claws to cling to you. She likes to curl up into a ball and be held like a baby. Roadie was found as a kitten when she was crossing a highway to find her mother. Someone got angry at her and tried to throw her off of a bridge. She was found by two very kind people . They took her to multiple vets and all of them said she would not make it through the night. They got the medicine and nursed her back to health.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 Years.
  • Nicknames Ro-Ro
  • Dislikes Being bothered while shes eating, being ignored, and getting held too much.
  • Foods Chicken and Beef
  • Pastimes Traveling with her (past) owner and seeing things from her RV. Running around downstairs and looking out the window as well as playing with her bst friend, Boe. (also entered)
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