Rogie Hazard Scott (pronounced Rajee)

Long Haired Tabby

Meet Rogie Hazard Scott (pronounced Rajee)

Rogie is 10 months old and weighs a good 15 lbs with long and somewhat curly tabby striped hair. He has wild hairs sticking out everywhere & very large paws. He has a perfect bullseye on each side of his body at the hip area. He has a beautiful gaze. He likes to lay on my chest and bury his nose and knead and purr and love. When he is done he will become still and flick his tail, do not look him in the eye or \"it is on\", which means he\'s going to smack you! Over time he is learning not to tha

Facts About Me
  • Age 10 Months
  • Nicknames Rog (pronouced Raj)
  • Dislikes do not look him in the eye when tail is flicking
  • Foods Sheba clicks, boiled chicken & raspberry bismarck
  • Pastimes Loving or hating his Elf, playing peek a boo with me
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