Ruth and Naomi

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The most squashy little princess ever

Meet Ruth and Naomi

Although they look very similar, their personalities are very different. Naomi is layed back and nothing really scares or upsets her easily. She’s usually the first to barge into any caos that’s going on, and she gets “offended” if you accidentally leave her out of the excitement. On the other hand, Ruth is naturally more nervous than Naomi. She’s much more cautious in her approach of anything new. Although she still ends up in the middle of the caos, she takes her sweet time getting there.

Facts About Me
  • Age 7 months
  • Nicknames They respond to “The Girls”
  • Dislikes They don’t like being left alone
  • Foods Ruth: dannon low fat greek yogurt(small tastes of course wouldn’t want her to get sick) and friskies wet food. Naomi: Oikos Greek yogurt, strawberry flavor,(small tastes of course Wouldn’t want her to get sick) and friskies
  • Pastimes Playing with boxes, crochet mouse and ball(I made for them) and just about anything that moves
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