Sapphire Jaxx


Meet Sapphire Jaxx

Sapphire Jaxx is adored by me, I went from not really a cat person to completely and utterly smitten by this kitten! From running him warm baths to playing him 'cat relaxation music' this cat is.....spoilt! Jaxx is sweet, very playful, naughty and affectionate. He is a bouncy cheeky little bat cat and such a poser! He thinks he is a little prince! Why wouldn't he! He is one! He knows his routine and if you don't stick to it he will tell you with long meows!

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Bat Cat, Jaxs a bite, baby
  • Dislikes The Hoover, the black cat from next door, kettle, not getting attention
  • Foods Salmon, chicken, scrambled egg (when he steals some), cheese cat treats, tuna
  • Pastimes Laying in the sun or anything warm, playtime, getting brushed, sleeping, meowing really loudly, chucking litter everywhere
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