Abyssinian/American Shorthair

Meet Sawyer

Baby keeps this house lively! What a sweet & special little kitty soul. When you least expect it and sometimes when you need it, he appears in your face and rubs his nose and head on your precious;)) Then he'll do a back flip and book it across the entire house. He's OUT! After all his aerobic activities he gets awfully thirsty and he will let you know. You can catch him at the kitchen faucet, or any bathtub requesting the magic stream of water to appear. Sawyer = joy+laughter;)

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 1/2
  • Nicknames SoySoy, Baby Kitty, Baby Biscuit's, Soy Burger & Squeaky!
  • Dislikes Loud noises + sharp/fast movements
  • Foods Tuna, beef...any meats really. MILK
  • Pastimes Agility Courses, very acrobatic. LOVES to sit on your lap when going potty lol, ONLY drinks from faucet. Wants to cuddle at 4 in the morning and talk (he sqeaks) while in a deep sleep. Sensitive.
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