Senrabe's "Hoshi"

Blue Spotted Oriental Shorthair

Meet Senrabe's "Hoshi"

Hoshi is the love of my life. As a cat owner all my life; I have never experienced  a cat like Hoshi. I have trained him to sit on command and he is my constant companion. I am disabled and he is my therapy cat. He will be 1 year old June 1, 2016. He rides on my fiancé and my shoulder wherever we go and is a big hit at the local Petco. He comes from a line of Grand Champions and I almost was going to show him but haven't yet. He would love to be in your magazine!

Facts About Me
  • Age Almost 1
  • Nicknames Bubba
  • Dislikes Not getting his way
  • Foods Everything. Really. From chili to whipped cream, pizza, lasagna, salad, peanut butter
  • Pastimes Doing tricks for treats, bird watching, cuddling with Mom & Dad
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