Shane (Shay Shay)


Meet Shane (Shay Shay)

This is my kitty baby Shane aka Shay Shay. He is mostly Bengal, but his Mom also had a tiny bit of ragdoll in her, so this is actually a cat that could be considered a BengDoll, if pursuing TICA (The International Cat Association) and expensively trying to start a new breed.  As this is not that case, say hello to Shane the lovely Bengal.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3.25 month
  • Nicknames Shay Shay
  • Dislikes being petted when he is not in mood, my furniture because he scratches the heck out of most of it LOL
  • Foods shredded chicken, tiny bits of most meats, Iams or Authority cat food
  • Pastimes Playing with his siblings, taking long naps, jumping straight up which cracks me up, feeding with mommie
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