Sir Melvin Lee Alabaster


Meet Sir Melvin Lee Alabaster

Where do I start? He is the cat that turns cat haters into cat lovers!! He’s the sweetest, most handsome kitty cat boy there is! He’s great with my kids, especially my 17 month old. Sir Melvin has a lot of patience, especially since he’s the oldest out of our three cats. He’s a very active cat and loves to play. He has become a part of our family and a big ol fluff ball that we love and will care for till his very last breath!

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames Melvin schmelvin, Melvin Lee, Alabaster
  • Dislikes Baths, loud noises, other male cats(not all of them)
  • Foods Wet tuna, chicken and leftovers (only what cats can eat)
  • Pastimes He loves to rest his royal head in the highest room, on the tallest counter
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