American shorthair tortoise shell

Meet Smokey

SMOKEY! She\'s cute. Smokey is an American shorthair tortishell indoor/outdoor girl cat. She\'s very playful and caring when at home or not being chased by her younger brother Puff. She loves strings and extra dry, noisy leaves as toys and and sleeping right in the middle of her human\'s bed. She likes going on a high place and dropping things and waiting for us to pick it back up just to drop it again

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 years old
  • Nicknames Smokes
  • Dislikes Her annoying brother Puff, loud noises, strangers, and being picked up
  • Foods Tuna, chicken, Temptations, and foods with gravy
  • Pastimes Going outside,playing when other pets aren\'t around, being in high places like trees, and eating grass like a cow
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