Meet Spankey.

She only likes it when I pick her up. If anyone else tries, she squeals. She eats pieces of peaches, and bananna's with me all the time. If I am hurt, and I call for her, she will come and help me the best she can, in her own way. She's always by my side... she's my little side-kick. Best friend I ever had.

Facts About Me
  • Age I'm 21.
  • Nicknames My friends call me "Cookie".
  • Dislikes Bullies.
  • Foods KittenKaboodle (is what Spankey loves)
  • Pastimes The time Spankey jumped into the shower to "save me" lol :)
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  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
  • 🐱
  • 😻
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