American Domestic Shorthair/Himalayan-Samese

Meet Spyder

This handsome Puma is now enjoying his Golden Years. He has a couple of the old cat issues such as Thyroidism and CHF. But you would never know it. He stays pleasant and cheerful and chipper. His creaky joints have slowed him down so his hunting days are over. He loves chasing yarn and the rings off of milk cartons and snuggling with his catnip filled toy named Fishy. He loves the view from the picture window and just cozying up with his mommy.

Facts About Me
  • Age 16
  • Nicknames Big Boy. Big Boy Man Cat. Spyder Bite. Spyder Man
  • Dislikes Having his nickname Big Boy man cat whispered to him. Having chicken legs pried out of his mouth.
  • Foods Chicken legs. Sour cream. Breakfast Cookie Biscuit Biscuit Crumbs. Healthy Cat Food.
  • Pastimes Loves playing fetch. Actually watches the news. Purr-mumbling. Acting as an alarm clock.
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