Domestic Shorthair

Meet Stormee

With the correct balance of medication, food and care, feline diabetes doesn’t get him down. He’s still playful as a kitten for his ripe age of 12. Stormee is my emotional support animal as I suffer my own ailments. He knows when to come to my side and soothe my soul. Without him I’d be a lost soul. He’s smarter than any cat I’ve ever had! He greets me at the door, follows me everywhere from the time I get up until we snuggle down for the night. He will always be MY favorite pet.

Facts About Me
  • Age 12
  • Nicknames Babies
  • Dislikes Baths and having to wait for mealtimes.
  • Foods Unfortunately he’s on a feline diabetic diet.
  • Pastimes Napping
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