Meet Tater

My name is Tater and I'mfive years old. I'm the sweetest, most loving cat you will ever meet. I love my cat nip slippers and my humans. My fondest memories are rainy days curling up in my humans hair, making biscuits and getting comfy. I also enjoy getting cozy in between the shower curtains while my humans take hot, steamy showers. My humans chest and back are my favorite places to sleep, aside from a window where I can bask in the warm sun rays.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5
  • Nicknames Tater, Booger, Princess
  • Dislikes Petting my hips and paws, loud noises, "Tater burritos", and small dogs
  • Foods Lunch meat, pizza, syrup and sometimes apples
  • Pastimes curling up in my humans hair, sunbathing, and chasing mice.
Cats Like Me
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