Theodore (Ted) Lewis

He was a rescue, so I'm not sure. He's definitely long-haired something.

Meet Theodore (Ted) Lewis

Ted is a new addition to our home and has fit in to our household SPLENDIDLY.  He is ridiculously close with his big "brother," Ralph.  Since he's still a kitten (JUST about 1), he still has a bit of that "kitten spaz," but it only makes us love him more.  Sadly, he loves my husband more than he loves me.  He's obviously crazy.

Facts About Me
  • Age Almost 1
  • Nicknames Ted, Teddy or Bear (get it - Teddy Bear).
  • Dislikes Being covered in kisses (he hates it, but I love it) and not being allowed to waltz around outside without his leash.
  • Foods Hard cat food. He pretty much turns his nose up at the soft stuff. Maybe it's because he likes to play with it on the ground while he's eating and the soft food would just slow him down.
  • Pastimes Staring out the window, especially at our neighbor who we call his boyfriend.
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