Meet Tigris

Tigris (formerly named Sedrah) lived on a reservation outside of Calgary AB. When she was rescued, she was found covered in infected dog bites and full of porcupine needles :( it is guessed she was left this way for weeks. Once she made it to the shelter, she became the longest cat resident at the shelter. No one wanted her due to her weight. I am so glad no one else wanted her because she is my BEST friend. She saves me daily & brings me joy. She loves car rides and outdoor adventures & treats

Facts About Me
  • Age 11-14
  • Nicknames Tigey, O-Joe, Dohjoe , big kitty & FatCat
  • Dislikes Any of my humans ex boyfriends + when my human is late to feed me dinner
  • Foods Turkey meat, minestrone soup, temptation treats & roast beef
  • Pastimes Getting adopted by my human who is literally obsessed with me
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