Domestic short hair

Meet Timmy

Timmy is a 12 week old bundle of joy. He is mainly white with black makings along his back. He is very loving and playful, would happily lie cuddled up in your arm all day having his ears stroked. He loves lying on the sofa hiding under the cushions and always sneaks in bed with me at night for a cuddle and I wake up to his purr. Give him a dark place to hide in and he's very content every day is a pleasure...still chases his tail though, he can't catch it ;)

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 months
  • Nicknames Timote, timtim
  • Dislikes Being alone, daddy's feet, people touching his toys
  • Foods Meaty foods and cat milk
  • Pastimes Sleeping, playing with toys, licking humans
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