Long Hair

Meet Toughy

Toughy earned his name the hard way.  He was abandoned and lived as a stray through a long winter and spring (maybe longer, we don't know for sure).  His mild manner and bright eyes won us over.  He was attacked by a groundhog and we took him to the vet.  He almost died and we knew we couldn't let anything bad ever happen to him again.  He has lived the most comfortable life we can give him ever since.

Facts About Me
  • Age Approx. 15 years (we're not sure- he's a rescue)
  • Nicknames Tuffits, Tuffernut,
  • Dislikes Not much- having his ears cleaned, taking medicine
  • Foods Baked chicken, tuna, vanilla ice cream
  • Pastimes Laying on the patio, walking the retaining wall, chilling with his pap
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