Domestic Short Hair

Meet Winter

Winter has the personality of a toddler. When she's playing, there comes a point where she's getting tired but doesn't want to stop, so she tries to keep playing until she passes out. She also gets cranky when we're out for a walk and she gets tired. She loves doing what I am doing and trying to eat what I am eating. However, if I try to give her some cat friendly fruit, it's too sour and she isn't interested. Then she goes back to trying to eat mine.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 months
  • Nicknames Winter Kitten, Miss Kitty, Little Monster
  • Dislikes The vet, medicine, being picked up when she's in "play mode" or "explorer mode", car rides, loud dogs.
  • Foods Anything fishy
  • Pastimes Sleeping, playing, running around the apartment like a toddler with a sugar high.
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