Meet Yolandi

Yolandi is as spunky as her half mustache would lead you to believe! She loves dancing and listening to music, scaring herself, looking in mirrors and having playtime while her mommies sleep! She eats tuna and eggs and likes to lick spoons! She's a ball of sunshine with a little flare of evil inside! She owes her mommy money for hair extensions that she chose to eat!! Landi accompanies us on our balcony where we watch birds and fireworks and just enjoy the weather! 

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 months
  • Nicknames Landi, yo-yo
  • Dislikes Being alone, sleeping when mom does, staying off of things
  • Foods Tuna, eggs, cookie crumbs
  • Pastimes Listening to her favorite band Die Antwoord
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