Bombay/Domestic Shorthair

Meet ZenaStorm

ZenaStorm is a wild child she isn’t just a kitten she has the instinct of a panther in the jungle with a mind of a toddler she is bold and beautiful she loves to play play play she loves to take her paws connect them together and she won’t let go of what she know is her’s including your hands lol she loves to snuggle up and cuddle under you just purring away Her cuteness is everything she’s just too much for herself Vote for my fur baby ZENBEEN

Facts About Me
  • Age 3months
  • Nicknames Zenabeena Zenabenina Zenbeen Momma
  • Foods Fancy Feast Kitten Iams Kittens Temptations Little Soupies
  • Pastimes Hunting cattv squirrel and bird watching Stalking Eating Purring Self-Grooming Sleeping Jumping Creeping Tricks with treats
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