American Short Hair

Meet Ziggy

Ziggy was given up after almost 11 years with his previous owner. We rescued him from our local humane society less than two weeks before the shutdown due to the pandemic. It took a while but Ziggy is the most loving and chill cat ever. He loves to be petted and hangs out on laps when he feels like it. Unlike most cats he hates enclosed spaces, prefers to lounge in / on one of his many cat beds, couches, chairs, cat tree, and his current favorite spot is the footstool.

Facts About Me
  • Age 12
  • Nicknames Zigster, Big Zig, Mr. Z, Sweet Baby Angel
  • Dislikes being dirty, most canned cat food
  • Foods Tuna, Turkey, Chicken
  • Pastimes Napping, playing with toys, mice in particular, being petted
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