Orange Tabby

Meet Zola

Zola is a female orange tabby cat - only 1 in 8 are female, so she is pretty special! She has a black freckled nose and lips - you can also find little black freckles around her eyes! She is extremely loving and soft mannered, loving to cuddle and chill out in a soothing atmosphere. Zola was rescued and adopted by her humans at age 3 - we are the luckiest people alive!

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames Bugaboo, Buggie, Lovebug, Bug
  • Dislikes Zola does not like loud noises, or a lot of commotion. She enjoys peaceful atmospheres and loves to cuddle.
  • Foods Zola loves tender center dry food, as it is soft and crunchy at the same time! She also enjoys salmon, beef and cheese.
  • Pastimes Zola has very much enjoyed the holidays, where she gets to curl up and crouch underneath the Christmas tree like a true Tigress. She also loves the time she hunted a mouse and brought it to her humans as a gift!
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