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Meet Kitti

The Long Haired Domestic
Deborah Lucia Fulton, MO

Kitti is a long haired domestic who was dropped off on our road almost 4 years ago. We took her in and her first year with us, she had a miscarriage, caught pneumonia, and now has feline leukemia. The vet didn't expect her to live long, but she is still here and as healthy as she can be. Her favorite past time is lounging on our big screened in deck or chasing birds. Love her to pieces. 

approx 4 1/2 years
Kit, Kits, Kit_Kat
walking around our property, catnip, watching birds, sitting in the window sill
dogs, certain pre-packaged cat food, the vet
Favorite Foods
Friskies Treats, chicken, peach yogurt
Favorite Pastimes
lounging, opening cabinet doors

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