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Meet Abigale Von Sassypants

The mixed
John Housdan Corning AR

My Name is Abigale Von Sassypants and boy do I live up to my title!  I love to run and play with the feather toys my human got for me and to beat around my teddy bear.  I am a free spirit and full of energy always into something.  My favorite things are dumping out my water bowl,  getting brushed,  and laying in sunny spots.  I'm not afraid of much but don't bring a watermelon around or I will go into hiding quick!

1 year
Abby, Turdy, Sassy
Sunny spots, dumping water bowls, playing with feathers, shreading newspapers
Favorite Foods
anything from Fancy Feast with tons of gravy, Iams Indoor dry food.
Favorite Pastimes
Beating up my teddy bear, getting a good brushing on the footstool, napping in the corner

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