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Meet Katniss Evernip

The Siberian
Scarlet R & Dave M Baltimore, MD

Katniss Evernip is a 14-week old kitten that lives with her two humans, Scarlet and Dave, in their Baltimore, MD home.  Katniss was born and bred at the Serendipity Siberians cattery. She is a brown-black mackeral Siberian with green eyes, and two white toes on her front left paw. Katniss is equal parts adventure and affection.  She is developing her stalking and pouncing skills by practicing on squeaky mice, and her parents' toes.   

14 weeks
Kat, Niss, Nissy, Kitness, Kitteniss
mischief, heights, spider webs, sunbathing, anything tied on a string, laundry
closed doors, vacuums, the sound of power tools, forbidden items
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo trout and salmon wet flaked food, Gobble! turkey tendon strips, beetles
Favorite Pastimes
scaling cat tower, pouncing, hunting bugs, dipping paws in water bowl, chasing her tail

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