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Meet Big Robert

Cookie Holland Austin, TX

Big Robert came to our house and stayed.  We named him Bobby but he outgrew his name and became Big Robert. He's repaid us many times over with his sweetness and his sense of humor. He drinks water by dipping his paw in the water, then licking it.  he does this over and over until he's quenched his thirst. To get attention he rolls over and shows us his white tummy. He loves to play with his toys but when it's bedtime he jumps up on our bed and purrs us to sleep.

Unknown but at least seven years.
He loves his people and enjoys going outside to lie on our deck.
our other boy-cats.
Favorite Foods
Any good cat food, both kibble and cans.
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, sleeping, playing with his toys and going outside with us.

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