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Meet Eric

The Serengueti
Ana Santa Fe, Argentina

Eric is the kind of cat you can't ever scold. Everytime you want to yell or catch him after he walks above the table or throws the sand of his litterbox around, he plays dead and you end up tickling his tummy. Sometimes, we believe he is te reincarnation of a dog, for he chases his own tail running in circles and comes to you as soon as you whistle. Not to mention catching the ball or playing dead as I already told you. His favorite toy is whatever I use to tie my hair.

Eric, Pitu, Chiquitín, Prrr
Stealing food ingredients, scavenging garbage, sleeping in sunlight
Strong noises, smelling onions when we cook
Favorite Foods
Cat Chow, milk mermelade, patê de foie
Favorite Pastimes
Being caressed and also fighting and playing hide and seek with his sister

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