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Meet Sir Montecore the Brave

The Siamese Mix
Susan Reston, VA

Monty will be 1 on the Fourth of July. He is extremely cuddly and loves to get attention from anyone who walks in the door. He is very playful, comes when he is called, and talks back when his humans talk to him. He brings us toys in bed and likes to be held while he sleeps. He has been a joy in our lives since the day we got him!


11.5 Months
Monty, Monkey, Monster
Toys on a string, treats, cuddle-time, bugs, cat-nip
Doorbells, baths, nail clippings
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo Chicken, Greenies
Favorite Pastimes
Gazing out the window, hunting harmless bugs, making his water dish bubble, sitting in dryers, sleeping

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