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Meet Cosmo

Linda Barnett Lexington Ky

Cosmo is a rescue. He has had some minor problems but nothing serious. He is very slow at learning, he has mental health issues but other than that he is a great kitty. He loves to play, be petted on and most of all he loves feeding time. He is about 3 yrs old.I feel so sorry for him because of his learning disabilities. He has been abused by a previous owner, he is scared of just about everything that moves.I wish I knew who done him this way because they would pay for animal abuse

3 years old
Momo, meow meow, kitty kitty mo, kitty meow.
Play, food, being petted on, giving love, sleeping.
Being scared.
Favorite Foods
Fancy feast wet and dry.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with the other kitties.

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