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Meet Everette

The Tabby mix
Jessica Portland, OR

Everette was found outside a Burger King after she was thrown out of a truck. Even though her previous owners clearly had no love to give her, she has the most loving and affectionate demeanor. She wakes me by licking and nuzzling my face, she greets me at the door and sits on my lap as if to ask how my day was, she coos when you call her and likes to rest on your shoulders. Her mischievous side includes counter surfing, throw rug mangling, cord chewing and messing up sweater strings

Bitz, meow
Tin foil balls, cat scratchers, her own tail
Bubbles, garbage bags, being told what to do
Favorite Foods
Homemade cat food, liver, tuna juice
Favorite Pastimes
Window watching, counter surfing, sitting on your head while you sleep

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