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Meet Big Cat

The I think he is a rag doll. not sure.
Patricia McDermott Boise Idaho

This is "Big Cat". I rescued him from the streets.  He's about 7 years old, he is the sweetest, floppiest cat i have ever met.  He loves to snuggle and head butt me when he wants attention and if you are laying down he can actually move you with his head!  He lives with me and a grey tabby and  and orange tabby.  He's soft as a bunny and I love him so much! I'm blessed to have such a wonderful cat in my life.   

boo boo cat, fuzzy pants, sweet boy
cat nip, yeowww cat nip toys, petstages scratchers, greenies, underactive toy, snuggling with his mom at night
being brushed for more than a minute, having his nails trimmed, going to the vet
Favorite Foods
bff, fussie cat, fancy feast, tiki cat, fresh pet
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping of course!

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