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Meet Mani

Sarah Pittsburg, KS

Mani is thoughtful, inquisitive, and is my best friend. He loves being snuggled and picked up and carried around like a baby. He's soft and warm and is upset if he doesn't get sufficient morning cuddles in bed. He will actually greet strangers at the door wanting attention. He's very playful and likes to howl as he runs all over the house trying to get the other cat and the dog to play with him.  Sometimes he'll even play fetch with his favorite piece of string.

Manson, Mr. Manipurra
Snuggles, general attention, birds, pieces of string, playing with people other cats and dogs, sleeping, biting, licking, being cute
Being patted on the head, rain, loud talking, canned cat food, treats, flea medicine, car rides
Favorite Foods
Kibble, bugs
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling, sleeping, biting, licking, playing, chattering at birds

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