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Meet Vlad and Luna

The Sphynx
Liz Hanson Nashville, TN

Vlad and Luna are bother and sister. She's the sweet outgoing one he is less than out going and far from sweet but I adore them. They both love to play with lasers and mouses. Luna loves catnip and Vlad loves ice cream. Vlad also has mastered stealing food off of his humans plates, he normally goes for any form of chicken but if it smells good he's gonna steal it! I wouldn't trade these two for the world!

2.5 yrs
LunaTone, Vlad the Rad and grumpy cat
Food and blankets
Water, ear cleanings and toe nail trimming
Favorite Foods
Anything they can get their paws on!
Favorite Pastimes
Licking themselves, stealing food, and sleeping

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