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Meet Big Jake

The Siberian
H. Mann Binghamton NY

Big Jake loves to plop down and stretch as long as he can in your path so that you will pet him. He will sit up on his hind end and show his tummy as well. His favorite things to do are napping in the sunlight, eat and hunt perched in high places, such as the refrigerator. He doesn't say much but chatters at birds outside and loves boxes. He's a jumper as most Siberians are. In this photo,it's hard to tell where he begins or where he ends... lol 

Big Jake, Dumb Blonde, Jakey, Big Boy
petting, snuggling, strange new boxes
getting car sick on long trips, the vet visit and being brushed
Favorite Foods
canned food
Favorite Pastimes
napping, hunting, eating, stretching

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