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Meet Comet

The DSH Handsome Kitty
Cynthia Voccia Ashburn, VA

My name is Comet, but you can call me Bubby!  When I was a baby, I was saved from a North Carolina shelter with 135 other kittens. We were on our way to New York, but the journey was long and the weather was hot.  Some of my kitten friends died on that journey. We made it to Virginia, and that's where I met my mom.  I live a happy life with five siblings inlcuding Lucky A Survivor Kitty and Sassie's Story! Will you rub my belly?

Belly rubs, belly rubs, and more belly rubs, being soft as a bunny, and his siblings LuckyASurvivorKitty and LoveForSassie.
When humans dump their pets at shelters, animal abuse, and the times when no one is rubbing my belly.
Favorite Foods
Any food that makes that can popping sound.
Favorite Pastimes
Yoga, soaking up sunbeams, snuggling with my brother Lucky A Survivor Kitty to remind him he is safe.

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