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Meet Sir Maxwell

The Maine Coon
Kelly Weiss Cleveland

I got Sir Maxwell April 2nd when my twin sister passed away. He was her cat. He was very traumatized by that day. He was being chased and attacked on a daily basis by a puppy pitbull. Now hes with me and is doing so much better. Hes such a loving boy. He loves to play with all the toys he has and his favorite thing to do is sit in the window and watch the birds go in and out of the bush in front of the window. He loves his picture taken, (the big ham) 

7 yrs old
his toys, groomed and canned food and loves a high low voice
His belly rubbed or his back feet messed with
Favorite Foods
anything he loves temptation treats
Favorite Pastimes
Bird watching, jumping out at mama and sleeping

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