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Meet gizmo

The British short hair
gail coulson milton keynes

Hi. My names Gizmo. or gizi to my humans .

Im a male and aprox 5years old just now.

I went to live with my humans 3 years ago after a few failed homes . but i know im here till my last days now .

I live with another cat ,her names mini the minx. or just mini shes a tabby cat. and a year younger than me. she didnt like me at first as i kept anoying her.. but were friends now and bird watch together at the window. 

i love food. chicken is just amazing.

5 aprox
gizzie wizzie .
food. any kind . lol
loud noise
Favorite Foods
chicken. lasagne .anything really .love yoghurt too.
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping. playing with his cat nip toys . sunbathing.and playing with dripping taps

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