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Meet Phoebe

The Brown tabby
Natalia Washington

This is Phoebe Ruby Deyes! Her brothers name is Alfie Deyes but sadly he passed away in a car crash when he was 8 months old a while back. Phoebe loves chasing moths and June bugs. She will be turning 1 next month. Her name was either going to be Zoella or Gemma but out of the spur of the moment I chose phoebe. She loves kneelin on squishy blankets. She eats way too fast sometimes and ends up throwing up. But I love her unconditionally!

11 months
Fee bear, baby, fee fee, fee baby. Ect.
Humans, cuddling, food, being crazy
Loud noises, bath time, collars
Favorite Foods
Blue buffalo cat food, turkey, tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Trying on a harness!

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